This is the "Official" website for 1962 
South Kitsap High School Classmates

The purpose of this site is to maintain connectivity with classmates through a variety of methods.

Classmate Casual Meetups - Check this page for a schedule of bimonthly lunches held in Port Orchard and other events that may be organized in the future.

60 Year Reunion - Yes, 2022 is a long way down the road, but we want you to know we plan to hold an event of some kind to celebrate our graduation anniversary. We want to hold it somewhere in South Kitsap, a simple, casual, low cost event.  Your ideas and suggestions are welcome. Contact one of the committee members listed below to pass along any input you may have to contribute for this event.

Search for Fellow Classmates - To protect individual privacy, we elected to omit a list of classmates and their contact information. However, our Super-Sleuth, Mona Hussey Sunderlin, has a wealth of information she will share if you are looking for a specific person who was in our class. Please notify her if you do not wish to have your information shared. Also verify that she has up-to-date contact information for you if you have changed your email or mailing address.

SK Sixties Annual Alumni Picnic - This picnic has been held (almost) every year for 18 years. It welcomes anyone who attended South Kitsap High School during the '60's. Most of us had classes with or participated in activities with people from other classes. The '60's picnic provides a venue for you to visit with fellow '62 classmates and also others you may have known at school. Check this site for information as it is updated for the coming year. There will no longer be a '62 picnic due to declining attendance.

Facebook SK 62 page - Photos and posts you can read or to which you may contribute at any time. You do need to have a Facebook account to join this group.

Thank you to committee members contributing to these efforts. Please feel free to contact any one of them with questions and/or suggestions.